Lauren Lapointe

Soulful folk-rock with resonant lyrics and haunting melodies. A little bit Canadian, a little bit Southern. Joni Mitchell meets Bobbie Gentry.

** "Butterfly" reached #8 on the Georgia Roots Artist Radio Airplay chart and #13 on the Roots Music Report Folk Charts where it debuted at #20.

"An acclaimed live performer...Lapointe has definitive gifts with melody and lyrics." Kathleen Wehle - Southeast Performer Magazine (Feb, 2008)

“This girl has got IT!” —Rod Kennedy, Kerrville Folk Festival Founder

Savannah GA-based singer/songwriter Lauren Lapointe has been gaining recognition across the country for her soulful songs, unique voice, and strong live performances. Her new release “Butterfly,” was produced by award-winning Tom Prasada-Rao and reached #8 on the Georgia Roots Artist Radio Airplay Chart and #13 on the Roots Music Report Folk Charts in Dec. 2007. This CD features 14 tracks of melodic folk-rock that showcase Lapointe’s versatility as a songwriter and vocalist. Her songs include themes such as self-empowerment, following your dreams, as well as story songs inspired by living in the South and growing up in Canada. Lapointe’s influences include Canadian songwriters Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan, and Loreena McKennitt as well as Southern storytellers Bobbie Gentry, Lucinda Williams, and Gillian Welch.

Her song, “Ballerina Girl" has been published in a national songbook of positive, inspiring music. It is based on a true story about a woman who, after working for 40 years as an accountant, decided to pursue her lifelong dream to become a ballerina. “The response to this song has been amazing,” says Lapointe. “There are so many people who think that it’s too late to follow their dream. I felt the same way about starting a music career later than most.”

In the spring of 2001, Lapointe was working at her desk job and secretly imagining a life as a singer/songwriter. One Monday morning, however, she decided that life was too short not to pursue her dream. To the surprise of everyone around her, she gave her notice that day and never looked back. Within a year, she was playing full-time at many prominent venues in the Savannah area. She was invited to open for several national touring acts and was a featured performer at the Savannah Folk Music Society’s monthly coffeehouse series.

Her 2005 release “Beautiful Shadow” was featured on Georgia Public Radio and aired on 15 stations across the state. The Savannah Morning News described it as “impressive…emphasizing strong songwriting and showcasing Lapointe’s rich alto voice.” The CD was well-received by venues and fans across the country and Lapointe began touring on a full-time basis. She made her debut at the renowned Bluebird Cafe in Nashville in 2006 and performed at such prestigious venues as the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, the Jefferson Freedom Cafe in Ft. Worth TX, Anderson Fair in Houston TX, and The Burren Pub in Boston.

In the meantime, Lapointe was continuing to write songs inspired by the people and stories she encountered in her travels. Before long it was time to record again. “I wanted to create a CD that really meant a lot to me personally,” Lapointe says. “I know this seems like a simple thing, but I think it’s easy in the music business to get swayed by what we think other people want. My rule of thumb was that I had to love every aspect of it – every word, every note, every instrument.”

The first step was finding a producer who shared her vision. She met Tom Prasada-Rao at SummerSongs, the songwriting camp that she attends every year in the Catskills. He’s won numerous awards and been described as “one of the most outstanding musicians I have ever met” by Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd. “I flew to Texas for a week to begin work on the CD,” explains Lapointe. “We thought we would get the bare bones started but it came together really quickly. We ended up completing most of the CD during that time. It was a truly magical experience!”

With a national radio campaign in the works and an extensive touring schedule in her future, Lapointe is excited about what lies ahead. “I’m just taking it one day at a time,” she says. “I plan on enjoying every moment!”

“Here’s a Canada-Savannah transplant who carved out a standing in our country’s corporate catacombs, then pitched it all over for a full-scale fling at singing and songwriting. Good move? She’s virtually commanded the acoustic scene in coastal Georgia, opened for several national acts, and knocked out a critically-acclaimed first CD that landed her a feature on the state’s public radio network.”—Keith Harrelson, Moonlight Music Café, Birmingham AL.

“If you see her once, you're sure to come back again and again.”— Sheri's Caffe del Giorno, Greenville SC.

“If you have a dream that you think is out of reach, I urge you to listen to Lauren Lapointe's song "Ballerina Girl" from her new CD “Butterfly.” This song is based on a true story and Lauren has done an exceptional job of crafting a haunting, enchanting piece to share with the world. I was so inspired the first time I heard it and even more so the second time. Be sure to listen to Lauren, and let her words inspire you so that you can someday realize the satisfaction that comes from becoming the person you always desired to be.” —Martha Ann Brooks, singer/songwriter

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